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10 Ultra Soft Multi-Color Earplugs


15% of Americans have noise-induced hearing loss because of loud work or leisure environments.

Clubs, concerts, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and any other noises that force you to shout so the person next to you can hear your voice all create dangerous levels of sound.

Our ultra-soft earplugs are an easy way to solve this.

Wax left untreated leads to nasty ear conditions

Sudden or partial hearing loss

Ringing or buzzing, known as Tinnitus

Itchiness & Earache

A feeling of fullness in your ears

Drainage from your ears

An odor coming from your ears


Everyone is Ditching Q-tips

Cotton swabs (q-tips) push earwax deeper inside your eardrums, instead of pulling wax out. This can lead to temporary or even permanent hearing loss. (Source: Healthline)

Pull Out Chunks of Earwax

Instead of pushing wax inside, our endoscope makes it super easy to pull out big chunks of wax from your ears. So easy and effective, it makes old fashioned cotton swabs obsolete.

It's Wildly Satisfying to Remove Wax

We've all seen those addictive videos of people pulling out ear wax. Imagine how satisfying it would be to scoop up your own earwax, pulling it out and feeling your hearing improve.

Is it Safe for my ears?

We can talk all day about why it's completely safe but let's hear it from our customer Ella:

"I was afraid it might harm my ear drums but after doing some research, I found out the kit comes with protective layers that don't let your ears get injured. After using it multiple times, I can safely say I didn't get any injuries. If you don't rush while using it, your ears are absolutely safe."

19 Attachments to Clean Any Type of Wax (Adults & Children)

Our kit comes with 19 attachments for free so you can use it on adults and children of any ear size or length.

Whether your earwax is soft, hard, sticky, or lumpy, our solution can clean it out, or get your money back!

Are You Losing $1494 Every Year On Doctor Visits?

Meet Taylor, one wax removal session used to cost her $249, for both ears that's $498.

Her wax used to build up quickly so she had to pull out wax 3x a year. So she was wasting $1494 every year.

After using our kit, she was able to remove wax from the comfort of her home and never had to set foot in an expensive doctor's office.

Imagine all the things she bought, all the places she travelled to with that extra $1494.

Pay for the endoscope, get the whole kit for free.

HD Ear Cleaning Endoscope

Built-in flashlight lets you see the inside of your ears crystal clear.

2x Ear Spoon - Fits perfectly for all ear types (adults & children)

4x Cotton Swab Sticks - Don't push wax inside. Use it to clean out remaining wax for a satisfying finish.

5x Protective Sleeve - Outer layer provides full protection against any ear injuries.

4x Ear Picks & 4x Sticks

20 page ebook "7 Ways You're Causing Permanent Damage to Your Ears"

Portable Carrying Case & Cleaning Cloth

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    United Kingdom, Canada: 14-25 days

    Australia, New Zealand: 14-25 days

    Central & South America: 18-30 days

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    You will receive your tracking code via email or text within 3-5 days.

  • 100% Money back Guarantee

    Order our kit, use it as many times as you want. If you're not delighted with the results, in fact, if you can't remove all that nasty ear wax or don't feel satisfied while removing it, then we refuse to keep your money. Let us know within 90 days and we will refund 100% of your money.

    And you won't have to wait either, we will issue your refund within 12 hours.

    If our kit arrived damaged in any way, please contact us right away and we will happily send a free replacement.

  • Free ebook for the next 50 orders ($10 value)

    "7 Ways You're Causing Permanent Damage to Your Ears" - shows you step-by-step how to prevent permanent injuries and take care of your ears. We usually sell it for $10 but you can get it for free, only if you're fast.

  • Doesn't earwax come out naturally?

    The wax deep inside comes out naturally from chewing but some people have too much wax that doesn’t come out naturally (if you have the mentioned symptoms).

    Our kit also allows you to monitor the health of your ear drum.

  • Will it work on my phone/laptop?

    Our kit uses a 3 in 1 plug system which means it will connect flawlessly to all android phonesWindows 7/8/10/XP/Vista and all Mac laptops and computers. 

    Computer USB, micro USB and type C are all supported.

  • How do I set it up?

    1. Connect the endoscope to your phone or laptop.

    2. Open your camera

    3. Get a polished ear

    The endoscope basically acts like a 2nd camera of your device.

  • How do I clean the endoscope camera?

    Please keep the camera clean to avoid blurry video.

    You can clean the lens with our included cloth and alcohol pads.

  • Can I use it on my nose, teeth, throat or scalp?

    Not only can you inspect your ears, but you can also check the inside of your noseteeththroatscalp, and much more to ensure optimal health.